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All Areas Pest Control Professional Pest Control

An All Areas Pest Control management program means more than just applying pesticides. Recommendations on storage, hygiene and stock management, in combination with most effective treatments available, make up a complete Pest Management program.

Pest Management

The insecticides that we use are environmentally friendly and the safest available. Testing and research ensures that the latest developments are implemented with the customers interests in mind. Our treatment methods are amongst the most successful control measures!

All our technicians are registered with the Department of Agriculture. They are well trained and equipped to carry out treatments in various industries.

We also offer specialized services such as bird proofing and control and rodent proofing.

Why Our Customers Choose Us ?

All Areas Pest Control are honest and provide a reliable professional service.

Pest Prevention

We specialise in all the fields for pest control and pest prevention. To be as environmentally friendly as possible we look at integrated methods of pest control before using chemicals. The way we do this is through hygiene, sanitation, exclusion and proofing to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place.